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Namosi Marathon

It’s dubbed as Fiji’s toughest run for a reason and that is because of the course and tracks it has for participants to conquer this Saturday.

The Namosi marathon has three different events with almost the similar tracks but difference in lengths and how far one athlete should run.

The three events are the Marathon 42.2km (26.2 miles) where the minimum age of 18 years can register but it is an extremely difficult course, on gravel roads with many steep uphill and downhill sections.

It is recommended for experienced marathon/ultra runners only.

The same goes for the half marathon that is 21.1km (13.1 miles) and 10km (6.2 miles).

Suva Marathon Club president Brian Hennessy said the marathon will be tough and participants should be ready to face what’s ahead of them.

“Certainly not for beginners, this route is spectacular in its beauty & ruggedness, and is ideal for ultra & trail runners in Fiji looking for a challenge,” said Hennessy.

“We have 180 participants who have already registered and we are expecting more than 200 athletes partaking. The Namosi Marathon 2020 will be Fiji’s first trail running event to include Full and Half Marathons and a 10k race.

The course will follow a stretch of difficult track in the Namosi highlands used during the “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji.”

The races will be a new challenge for even the fittest of athletes, providing the opportunity for 200 runners from all over Fiji to experience the rugged beauty of Viti Levu’s interior.

Our trail run showcases the natural beauty of Fiji and its traditional way of life running through villages and mountains of Fiji’s hinterland and Namosi Province.

The marathon will be held this weekend.

14 October, 2020, 3:50 pm

Namosi Marathon
Namosi Marathon