Namosi Marathon

The year 2020 came with twists and turns that left a lot of sports “Out to Dry” as far as competitions and event schedules are concerned. Empty gyms and stadiums were the new norm for the 2nd quarter of the year as the world’s sporting organizations were forced to cancel events, Olympics included.

In the light of the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions by the Fiji Government various sporting bodies around Fiji resumed their 2020 season within the restrictions set in place by the Ministry of Health this meant that the Suva Marathon Club could continue with their Monthly Social Runs. This also meant that the Annual Suva Marathon could go ahead as planned.

Club Secretary Noeline Mallam said that going ahead with their annual event will provide athletes and running enthusiasts the opportunity to compete with prizes and medals up for grabs.

“We’re providing a platform for athletes and running enthusiasts to come out and compete since no ones’ able to travel overseas for competitions”

Noeline Mallam – Club Secretary

In hindsight one could safely say that the Club is a shining example of human resilience in the face of adversity. This year’s race will be the Namosi Marathon will be moved up to the fresh air highlands of Namosi and away from the more common sea breeze seawall of Nasese.

“We also see this as an opportunity to provide some business to the families and small business owners in that part of rural Fiji”

Noeline Mallam – Club Secretary

People from the surrounding villages will be employed with tour guide roles as well as manning various water stations throughout the course of the marathon which is scheduled for a 5:15am start on Saturday 17th October 2020. Race registrations will be done prior to the event and will be quite strict due to the course, weather, and safety of participants. Registration fees includes transport.